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Face lift

Facelift in Turkey

With time our faces can lose their natural beauty; this is done because of aging, our diet, or genetics, in all cases having lines or wrinkles in your face is not very pleasing, it can make you look older than you really are and tha can cause many people a serious lack in their self-esteem.
But, with the help of modern science Aram Clinic gives you the right answer for this problem and that is facelift in Turkey.
Facelift in Turkey is the perfect procedure for you to finely get rid of excess skin, sagginess and wrinkles on your face, with the help of the facelift in Turkey you will finally have your young looking face back and you will look as healthy as ever.
We invite you and welcome you all to come and have facelift in Turkey at Aram Clinic so you can have the face you always wanted.

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How much does facelift in Turkey cost ?

Facelift in Turkey is one of the most commonly practiced cosmetic surgery in the whole country, he operation is sought after by all types of people simply because it's simple and highly efficient.
Aram Clinic shines amongst other cosmetic clinics, simply because we have the best package deal to help you with the price.
The cost of having facelift in Turkey at Aram Clinic is highly reasonable, this is because our all-inclusive package contains :

  • The medical fees (doctor and medication).
  • Transportation.
  • A room at a luxurious hotel.

At Aram Clinic you will have facelift in Turkey with the help of the best medical team in all of Turkey, our surgeons and nurses will not rest until you are fully satisfied with the results.

What is facelift surgery ?

The face-lift is a cosmetic operation that aims to tightening the skin of the face and the tissues beneath it in order to reduce the appearance of aging, wrinkles and skin folds, it also highlights the jaw line and cheeks, and helps in removing excess fat under the chin, and it is performed for cosmetic purposes only for women who aspire to appear With a more youthful look.


What are the types of facelift ?

Mini facelift

This technique is ideal for patients who have a slight degree of sagging or have age lines that they want to remove.
In this process, the surgeon tightens the deep skin tissues through small incisions in the hairline area above the ear, or in the light creases surrounding the ear.
Through these incisions, the tissue around the cheeks is lifted, and the jawline refined to eliminate the appearance of tired skin.

Traditional facelift.

While this process is more extensive than the previous one and gives many better results, it takes a much longer recovery time.
The surgeon makes relatively long incisions behind the hairline and the front of the ear and hides them between the natural folds of the skin.
It removes excess skin in the face and neck which then can help reposition the tissues deep under the skin.


Mid-face lift.

This process focuses on the cheeks and around the eyes, the doctor makes incisions similar to the wounds of the traditional operation, but they are a little deeper in order to reach the muscles that the traditional surgery does not reach.

Lower facelift.

It targets the corners of the mouth, the area between the mouth and nose, as well as the jaw.
This technique is suitable for patients of all ages who are looking for a way to get rid of signs of aging and sagging.

Forehead lift operation

This procedure targets the forehead area in particular, as it has many wrinkles and is very popular with both men and women.
The doctor can perform a forehead lift in several ways, as it is divided into a number of types, namely, a chemical forehead lift, an endoscopic forehead lift, a coronary forehead lift, in addition to a thread forehead lift, just like other parts of the face.

Thread face lift

It is a surgical alternative to traditional operations, where small incisions are made under the skin in order to tighten and lift the facial muscles, and it can be done without anesthesia and does not leave visible scars.

How to prepare fo facelift operation ?

Before undergoing the face-lift operation, the doctor will conduct a pre-consultation session with you to ensure that you do not have any diseases that may prevent you from performing the operation and also clarifies the reasons that prompted you to perform it.

Some of the tests that will be performed are :

  • complete blood count.
  • Blood chemistry test.
  • A prior chest X-ray.
  • electrocardiogram (ECG).

You should not drink alcohol for 48 hours before the operation, and to fast completely for 8 hours before the operation.

What happens during the facelift surgery ?

There are many techniques to the facelift operation; your doctor will choose which one is best suited for you based on your condition, the amount of muscle and fat that you have and your preferences.
The doctor will start by making an incision in the skin in the lower chin area, often on the jawline, to remove the skin in the neck and then lift it up, exposing the underlying muscle tissue.
The surgeon tightens the muscle, then removes the remaining skin and fat and puts the skin back in its new location.
Usually, other incisions are made in the front and back of the ears, and the same process is repeated in each area individually, according to the amount of skin that you have and the degree of tightening required.
The doctor will finish the procedure by covering your face with an elastic bandage, the surgeon sometimes leaves a drainage tube or several tubes to drain the remaining fluid and blood from the tissues.
The whole operation take from 2 to 4 hours to be completed.


What happens after facelift surgery ?

After the surgery is done, you will be kept in the hospital for 24 hours to ensure the stability of your condition.
You should also refrain from stretching or bending your neck and the use of facial muscles in the first days after the operation.
During the first days you will have some mild bleeding and swelling, not to be worries because it will go away in about a week.
During this period of time, you will also have your elastic bandage is removed, and within 10 days you will be recovered.
There are many factors that can influence the results of the face-lift operation, which includes your age, skin thickness, skin type, and its elasticity, and the pace of recovery varies from person to person, and the final result of the face-lift operation is often seen after several weeks and even months of the operation.

What are the risks of facelift surgery ?

Before deciding on undergoing the facelift surgery, there are some risks that you need to be aware of.
The procedure is highly efficient and will be done by a very skillful doctor, but there is always the chance of potential complications and risks just like any other cosmetic or medical surgery.

Some of the risks of facelift surgery are :

  • Infection in the wound.
  • bleeding.
  • Scars at the incision site.
  • A severe drop in blood pressure.
  • Damage to the facial nerve.
  • Facial swelling.
  • Asymmetrical facial features.
  • Hair loss.


Having the perfect face is everyone's dream and goal; it is the thing that will maximise your confidence and will help you in both your social and professional life.
And with Aram Clinic you can have that with facelift in Turkey.

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