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Hollywood smile

Hollywood Smile in Turkey : Smile like the stars.

Cinema and television have become a vital part of our lives since their creation; they are our biggest time spender and it is a part of who we are as a species.
They deliver our culture and knowledge and keep us connected.
And to be on one of those major platforms, you will have to look almost perfect to the eyes, your physical look must look flawless.
You must have wondered "how do Hollywood stars have such perfect smiles?", well it's not just due to genetics.
Well, thanks to modern medicine and the advancement of science, you can look like one of your favorite movie starts, this is due to the Hollywood Smile procedure.
It is as the name states, thanks to the Hollywood Smile in Turkey you will have your teeth looking alined and perfect and shining just like the movie stars that you see on TV.

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How much does Hollywood Smile in Turkey costs ?

To understand the pricing of the procedure, you must first understand what a Hollywood Smile operation is.
It is series of treatments that are meant to make you have the perfect smile, meaning that the price differs from patient to patient.
The price difference depends mostly on how much work is needed to have the perfect smile, some people require little work while other require a full on dental makeover.
It can be costly in other parts of the world, especially when you must have a full dental work and plenty of implants and veneers, but not to worry because Hollywood Smile in Turkey costs only half what it does in places like the U.K. and the U.S.
At Aram Clinic, Hollywood Smile in Turkey is perfectly price to help everyone reach their dental goals, no matter how much work is required to get to that goal.
The low price comes due to Aram Clinic's special complete package deal.
We guarantee that you won't find a deal like this for Hollywood Smile in Turkey, because it includes your medical transportation, your pre and post operation medication, your hotel stay and it even includes the medical team's fees.
This is why Aram Clinic is the best choice to have your cosmetic surgeries thanks to our unique packages that aimes to always help everyone be satisfied with their physical look.

Where can i get Hollywood Smile in Turkey ?

In order to have the perfect smile, you must have the perfect procedure, with the perfect tools and team.
Aram Clinic offers you all of that and with the best price possible.
Aram Clinic makes sure that it always partners up with only the best and most highly professional medical clinics in the world.
Our facilities have cutting edge medical technological tools that allows us to perform any and all cosmetic surgeries and deliver the results that our patients require.
Our medical team is composed of some of the most highly skillful and trained professionals in the world, graduating from the most prestigious medical universities in the whole world.
Our teams moto is to always care for the relaxation of our patients while remaining highly professional and deliver the most efficient results to meet our client's expectations.
With a medical facility so advanced, partners that are highly professional, top of the line technology and a highly skilful medical team, it's easy to see why Aram Clinic is the leader in medical tourism.
You will have your Hollywood Smile in Turkey with a guarantee that you will look like your favorite movie stars.


What Is Hollywood Smile ?

Hollywood smile a series of dental treatments that aims to achieve a total makeover of your smile, the doctor deals with various problems that are stopping you from esthetically smiling.

The procedure aims to fix problems like :

  • Misalignments.
  • Decays.
  • Chipping.
  • Discoloration.
  • Gaps.

Hollywood smile's main goal is to give you a perfect smile, that's why it focuses on the reconstruction of both the upper and lower jaws and teeth while using veneers, caps, crowns and implants.
The procedure also contains teeth whitening and braces to give your teeth a clean and organized look.
Usually, the procedure is done at the doctor's office or clinic, however it's not only just one dentist that will be performing the procedure, but a team of doctors that will discuss with you the treatment and the necessary steps both before and after the procedure.


Who is suitable to have a Hollywood smile ?

The procedure is basically open for everyone that wants it, however the people that are best suited for the procedure are those who suffer from :

  • Missing teeth.
  • Have miscoloration.
  • Discoloration.
  • Having cracked teeth.
  • Tooth gaps.
  • Having no active infections.
  • Above the age of 18.
  • Having enough bone density.

What happens during Hollywood Smile Procedure ?

Hollywood smile is a essentially a group of different dental procedures that have the same end goal which is giving you the perfect aesthetic smile.
Depending on the condition of your teeth, your doctor will determine how many and what procedures that you need exactly to make the procedure successful.
The procedure takes more than one session at a dental clinic, the doctors actually do not have a single clear path to approaching the procedure, the Hollywood smile procedure is designed for each patient individually.
The doctor will be performing some of all of the necessary treatments depending on your condition.

Teeth whitening.

If we are talking about the perfect smile, then the first thing that comes to our mind is a set of glowing snow white set of teeth, that's what teeth whitening is the first procedure that the doctor will be performing. If you decide on getting a teeth whitening procedure you have two options, either an in-office bleaching or you can have an at-home bleaching kit.

Dental implants.

If you have missing teeth that are giving you anxiety about smiling, then you will need an advanced treatment.
Dental implant are the solution for that; they are the most efficient, functional and aesthetic to replace the gaps in your mouth.
The dental implants give you a clean natural look just like normal teeth.
If you have multiple missing teeth then the doctor will advice you on getting a dental bridge treatment.

Dental Crowns.

Having rotten or decaying teeth can give you a bad look and makes a lot of people lose self-esteem, not only that, it can be very painful to have them and they can lead to other complications such as infections and loss of bone structure. This is why crowns exists, they are used to restore a tooth's look by placing a cap on it so you don't have to get your tooth extracted. If you prefer high-quality materials like porcelain, zirconia or metal then dental crowns are your best choice.

Orthodontic treatment.

In order for you to have a smile that matches that of movie stars you must a perfect teeth alignment, in the case of you having crooked or miss placed teeth your dentist will suggest a special treatment. The treatment can be either braces, retainers or Invisalign to correct the alignment of your teeth and give them an organized look and to correct your bite so you don't have problems with the shape of your jaw line. If you are going to get an Orthodontic treatment then your doctor will suggest that you have it before the other treatments.


How to take care of Hollywood Smile ?

After the procedure is done, you will have the smile that you always wanted and your teeth will look just like you have always imagined them, perfectly lined shining whites.
However, you should now think about how you will keep that look and how to take care of your new set of teeth.
Usually, the Hollywood smile lasts for up to 15 years, but if you want to make that period last longer then you will need to follow a care routine that will benefit your teeth and your overall health.

Routine care.

From now you will need to pay extra attention to your oral hygiene, brush and floss your teeth daily at least twice to keep harmful plaque and bacteria away.
You must also make sure that after eating there aren't any food residue stuck between your teeth so keep you from developing cavities under your veneers.
You must also use an antibacterial mouthwash after you brush and floss your teeth, this will remove all harmful bacteria and give you a fresh sense in your mouth.


There's a common misconception that after having a Hollywood smile treatment you must only use whitening toothpaste.
That is very wrong and could actually cause more harm than good because whitening toothpaste contains tiny crystals that can be a major threat to tooth' enamel.
You can use your normal toothpaste to brush your teeth.



After the procedure you must make some changes to your diet, you must quit smoking because it could cause stained teeth and it could lead to having yellow marks.
You don't have to quit coffee all together, however it is advice to cut down on black coffee since it could cause staining in your teeth, a good method would be to add milk to your coffee to reduce the staining effect.

You must also cut down or quit stain-including foods such as :

  • Red whine.
  • Berries.
  • Cheese.
  • Chocolate.
  • Colored or acidic juice.
  • Soy sauce.
  • Red meat.

What are the risks of having a Hollywood smile ?


Hollywood smile is created to be the ultimate dental treatment; it is the combination of the most delicate dental procedures; the risks of the operation are highly rare.
Yet your doctor will go over some of them when you are discussing the operation, you will also discuss the different ways in which you can prevent these risks.

Some of those risks are :

  • Increased dental sensitivity.
  • Poor veneers fit.
  • Chipping and breakage of teeth.
  • Changes in color.
  • Risks during replacement.

Your dentist will go over these risks in much more detail, make you to ask any questions that you have about the procedure.


We all have looked to our favorite Hollywood stars and wished we could have their lives, or at the vesy least try to look just as perfect as they look.
Having that same charismatic look and that shining breathtaking smile.
Well now thank to the Hollywood smile in Turkey that wish is no longer a dream, it is a reality that is obtainable if you want to have it, and with Aram Clinic that reality is yours with the best price and with the help of some of the most highly skilled medical team in all of Turkey.


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