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Gastric sleeve

Gastric sleeve in Turkey

With our rapid evolution, the foods that we eat have changed and evolved with us, we no longer have to hunt for our food or search for long periods of time, now you can pick up your phone or go online and order whatever you want to eat.
This has created a much better and easier lifestyle for us, but it comes with a heavy price and that is our own health.
Our diet has become rich with harmful substances such as sugar, gluten and Artificial trans fats, those ingredients are the main reason for diseases like obesity and being overweight.
Becoming obese is a very serious problem, it can effect your normal and professional life alike and can be the cause of more serious diseases such as high blood pressure, high sugar levels and heat problem, these can be fatal in serious conditions.
Sometimes trying the traditional ways such as training or diets are not enough and don't work for everyone and some people are simply unable to do them because of physical or psychological reasons, and that is fine no one has to do something they don't or can't do.
This is why Aram clinic offers the gastric sleeve surgery for people who are interested in losing weight in the most innovative and modern way.
Gastric sleeve in Turkey is the best solution for you if you want to have the body you always dreamed of and also to keep you healthy.
So what are you waiting for? Aram clinic invites you to come and have the gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey at our modern medical facility.

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How much does it cost to have gastric sleeve in Turkey ?

Knowing the price of a surgery before deciding on having it is a very important step, you need a perfect combination of both high skilfulness and a price that best suits your budget.
You don't have to look very far because Aram Clinic is here to help you to have gastric sleeve in Turkey with the best price you can possibly imagine.
Our medical facility combines professionalism through our highly skilled team and cutting edge technology, and the best cost possible thanks to our all-inclusive deal.
You don't have to worry about the payment for gastric sleeve in Turkey because everything including your doctor's fees, your transportation, the medication and a room at a luxurious hotel are all covered in our all-inclusive deal.
With a facility as advanced as ours and with prices like that it is easy to see why having gastric sleeve in Turkey is the best solution for you.


Why do i need gastric steeve surgery ?

Sleeve gastrectomy is done to help you lose excess weight and reduce the risk of potentially life-threatening weight-related health problems tha includes :

  • Heart disease.
  • Hypertension.
  • High cholesterol.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Type 2 diabetes.
  • Apoplexy.
  • Cancer.
  • Infertility.

The gastric sleeve operation is usually done after the patient has tried all other weight losing solutions like exercising or changing their diet and didn't receive the results they wanted.

Who are the perfect candidates for gastric sleeve operation ?


Before undergoing the operation, you will need to know if you are suitable to have it or not because you need to have some criteria to le eligible to have the procedure.
Generally, gastric sleeve surgery may be an option for you if your BMI is 40 or more , or your BMI is 35 to 39.9, and you also have a serious weight-related health problem; such as type 2 diabetes, arterial hypertension, or severe sleep apnea.
In some cases, you may be eligible for certain types of weight-loss surgery if your BMI is between 30 and 34 and you have serious weight-related health problems.
You should also be willing to make some lasting changes to lead a healthier lifestyle.
You may be required to participate in long-term follow-up plans that include monitoring your diet, lifestyle, behavior and health.

How to prepare for gastric sleeve surgery ?

In the weeks before the procedure, you may be asked to start a program of physical activity and to completely quit using tobacco products.
Just before the surgical procedure, there may be some restrictions on eating and drinking and the medications you can take.
You should also start planning in advance for the postoperative recovery phase. For example, make arrangements to get help at home if you think you will need help.
You will need some time to recover so be sure to take some time off work if you are working.

What can you expect during gastric sleeve procedure ?

The surgery will be done at the clinic, depending on your condition and how well the operation goes, your hospital stay may last for only one night.
Some sleeve gastrectomy operations are performed by making traditional large incisions in the abdomen, However, the gastric sleeve surgery can usually be done laparoscopically, which involves inserting small medical tools through multiple small incisions in the upper abdomen.
You will receive general anesthesia before the surgery begins, general anesthesia is medication that keeps you asleep without any pain during surgery.
To perform a gastric sleeve, the surgeon creates what looks like a tight sleeve by stapling the stomach vertically and removing the largest curved portion of the stomach.
This surgery usually takes one to two hours. After the surgery, you will be resting in the recovery room where the medical staff monitors your condition for any complications.

What happens after gastric sleeve surgery?

After the surgery is done, you will need to have someone drive you back to your house since you won't be able to.
Your diet will be changed to a non-carbonated, sugar-free liquids diet for the first seven days, progresses to pureed food for three weeks, and eventually to regular food about four weeks after surgery.
You'll need to take a twice-daily multivitamin, a calcium supplement once a day and a once-monthly injection of vitamin B-12 for life.
You will undergo frequent medical examinations to monitor your health for the first several months after weight loss surgery.
You may experience body changes after te surgery such as being shaky, feeling tired and dry skin, this is normal after the surgery because your body is getting used to your new stomach.
Make sure you always stay in contact with your doctor and your dietitian for any questions, consultation or in the case of any complications.


What are the results of gastric sleeve surgery ?

Sleeve gastrectomy is a highly efficient procedure to lose weight, in fact it is possible to lose about 60% or more of your excess weight within two years.
This will of course depend on the changes of your diet and your lifestyle, this is why you will need to follow a much healthier lifestyle.
In addition to weight loss, gastric sleeve surgery may improve or treat conditions often associated with being overweight, including :

  • Heart disease.
  • Hypertension.
  • High cholesterol.
  • Diabetes.
  • Infertility.
  • High sugar levels.

If you decide on making any changes to your diet we advise you on consulting with your dietetian and your doctor.

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Can gastric sleeve surgery not work ?

It is possible that you do not lose enough weight after having gastric sleeve, and there is a chance you may even gain weight back.
And this weight gain can happen if you don't follow the recommended lifestyle changes made by your doctor and dietitian.
For example, if you are constantly eating high-calorie snacks, you will not lose weight adequately.
To help avoid regaining weight, you should make permanent healthy changes in your diet and get regular physical activities.
It's important to keep up with all of your scheduled follow-up appointments after weight-loss surgery, so your doctor can monitor your improvement.
If you notice that you are not losing weight, or if you develop complications after surgery, you should see your doctor immediately.


What are the risks of having gastric sleeve surgery ?

Any medical or cosmetic surgery comes with some risks that you need to take into consideration before undergoing them, gastric sleeve surgery is no different.
The operation comes with some risks, these risks are very rare, your doctor will go over them when you meet them for your appointment.
The risks associated with gastric sleeve surgery can include the following :

  • Severe bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia.
  • Blood clots.
  • Lung and breathing problems.
  • Gastrointestinal obstruction.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Vomiting.

What is the best diet after having gastric sleeve operation ?


After undergoing the procedure, you need to give your stomach and stitches time to heal properly.
Your body will slowly adapt to the new changes, and your digestive system will gradually get used to normal food little by little.
In the first days you will need to have a none sugary or acidic liquid diet that consists of:

  • Tea or coffee with no caffein
  • Milk
  • Juice
  • Water
  • Jell-o
  • protein coconut water.

After a few weeks you can start eating soft pureed diet that consists of :

  • Silken tofu.
  • Soup.
  • Cottage cheese.
  • Hummus.
  • Plain Greek yogurt.
  • Canned fruit in juice.

During your fourth month after the surgery, you can start adding some solid foods, bear in mind that you need to make significantly much less amounts of food than what you used to before the surgery and change to more healthier options.

This diet may include :

  • Well-cooked chicken and fish.
  • Cooked vegetables.
  • Fruits.
  • Cereal.
  • Cheese.
  • Meat.


Obesity may be a big problem for many people, and it is the main cause for worst complications that can be fatal if they stay unchecked.
Gastric sleeve in Turkey is the solution you have always been waiting for to have the body and healthy life style that you always wanted.
Save yourself by having gastric sleeve in Turkey.




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