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Teeth whitening in Turkey.

With time, our snow whit bright teeth will change color, this is due to either a lack of taking care of them or old age and diet.
In all cases, our teeth will start to have a yellow color and stains all over them, which can look bad and in most cases can lead to teeth decay or cavities.
This can make many people lose confidence in them, selves, which then can effect both their social and professional life.
But not to worry because today with Aram Clinic we give you an innovative solution for this problem which is teeth whitening in Turkey.
If ou want to restore your shining shine again and have your natural look back then teeth whitening in Turkey in the best and most financially wise decision you can make.

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How much does teeth whitening in Turkey cost ?

As we mentioned before, having teeth whitening in Turkey is a very financially wise decision, that's because here at Aram Clinic we make sure that we always the best service and at the right cost to best suit all people.
We pride ourselves in having the best all-inclusive package deal possible for teeth whitening in Turkey.
You can come and have teeth cleaning in Turkey without worrying about the cost of your hotel room, your transportation, your doctor or your medication because that will be all covered in the package deal.
So what are you waiting for? We invite you to Aram Clinic to have teeth whitening in Turkey, so you can have your shining teeth back.

What are the Teeth whitening methods ?

The process of teeth whitening means exfoliating the outer pigmented layer of the teeth and returning their natural color, and it can include the process of cleaning the teeth from food deposits.
The teeth whitening process has gone through many developmental stages, some of which are effective and ineffective, some of which have disappeared with time due to the large number of side effects, including those that are still used today.


As for the methods that are used today in teeth whitening in Turkey, they are divided into two parts :

Teeth whitening at the doctor's office.

this includes many methods, the most important of which are teeth whitening using bleaching plasters that contain a chemical that interacts with the outer pigmented layer of the teeth and removes it, as well as teeth whitening through the crown or the crown.
There is another, faster and more effective method, which is the most popular today in most dental beauty centers, known as laser teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening at home.

It gives very effective results, but needs long periods, as it also contains chemicals used to peel the outer layer of the teeth, but in lower proportions than those used inside dental centers.


What is dental laser cleaning?

The laser teeth whitening process has spread due to its speed and effectiveness, as it takes place inside the dental clinic during one session and takes about an hour in most cases, unless the pigmentation is very complex that may need more than one session.
Bear in mind that there are types of teeth that do not respond to laser whitening and other types that give excellent and immediate results, so it is necessary to consult a dentist before deciding to whiten your teeth. For example, yellow teeth respond to the laser and give good results, while brown or gray teeth, as well as the teeth that have been filled or installed, do not respond well to the laser whitening process, so it is necessary to resort to cosmetic and treatment methods other than bleaching.

What happens during the teeth cleaning process?

During the session, the doctor cleans the teeth from any deposits, then puts a gel on the gums to cover and protect them, and puts a bleaching chemical on the teeth called a hydrogen period gel.
After that, the dentist uses a special green laser directed at the teeth, which speeds up the work of the bleaching substance and increases its effectiveness.
There is currently a technique for teeth whitening using the Zoom device, in which the bleaching material is stimulated by the Zoom device by shining the device on the teeth on which the gel was placed for 15 minutes and repeated for 3 times.
The zoom technology is distinguished from the laser that it whitens the teeth all at once, unlike the laser, which targets each tooth by it self.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening ?

Teeth whitening is a safe and uncomplicated procedure that allows you to regain the shine in your teeth while also keeping your natural look.
It is also an effective way to treat deep pigmentation.
The results of the dental laser appear immediately after the session, and you do not need to follow up another treatment at home.
The laser teeth whitening process is the most time and effort when compared to other cosmetic dental procedures and other whitening methods.

What are the disadvantages of teeth whitening?

Despite the high efficiency of the dental whitening, there are still shortcomings in its uses.

Despite the effectiveness of dental lasers in the whitening process, there are types of pigmentation in the teeth that are strong and stubborn that do not respond to the whitening process.

Dental lasers also require great care, accuracy and skill and that can be troublesome to some people.


The result does not last for life, over time, the pigmentation returns and you may need to re-whiten again, and you can keep your teeth for a longer period the more you take care of their cleanliness and eat healthy food.

What are the risks of teeth whitening?

Like any medical method, it also has benefits and side effects that often result from the use of a high-concentration bleaching substance, and they differ from person to person.

Some of the risks are :

  • Excessive sensitivity and inflammation of the gums.
  • Inflammation and ulceration of the lips and tongue, as well as the inside of the face from the side of the mouth.
  • Destruction of the sensory nerves in the mouth and a change in sensation and taste.
  • Weakening of the dental bone tissue and its future fragmentation as a result of excessive heat or high concentration of the chemical gel used for whitening.
  • Sensitivity and redness in the eyes and destruction of the cornea as a result of the focused laser light.


Restoring the shine of your teeth has never been more easy thanks to Aram Clinic and the teeth whitening procedure in Turkey.
With this state of the art procedure, you will have your beautiful natural look back and better than ever.

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