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Vulval surgery in Turkey (Labiaplasty)

A woman's vulva structure and shape are the definitions of her natural feminine beauty, however with time and pregnancy the tissue around that area can be weakened and get loose.
This makes the vulval have an uneven shape that could make many women feel uncomfortable with the way they look, it can also lead to some minor discomforts, but fear not because modern science has came up with the solution for that problem and that is labiaplasty in Turkey.
The vulval surgery in Turkey is how you get your natural beauty back in your private area, labiaplasty in Turkey is a highly common surgery and with Aram Clinic you can undergo the procedure with the upmost secrecy and skilfulness.
We at Aram clinic take our patient's privacy very seriously, and we always make sure o deliver the best possible results.
We welcome you all to come and have labiaplasty in Turkey.

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How much does labiaplasty in Turkey costs ?

Vulval surgery in Turkey is very common amongst women from all ages; this is due to it being a very efficient solution for many of the vaginal problems.
Turkey is known for being a very famous cosmetic surgery destination, so it's no surprise that the country is full of very technologically advanced cosmetic clinics and our clinic is one of the most prestigious of them all.
This is due to our skillful medical team that will not rest until you are fully satisfied, and to our highly competitive and reasonable prices that best suits everyone's budget.
With Aram Clinic you can have vulval surgery in Turkey using our all-inclusive package that allows you to have labiaplasty in Turkey without worrying about many expenses, the all-inclusive deal covers :

  • A room in a deluxe hotel.
  • Transportation that are related to the operation.
  • Medical fees (doctor's payment and medication).
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With prises like ours and a reputation as one of the best medical cosmetic facilities in all of Turkey, it's easy to see why many people choose Aram Clinic, when you decide on having vulval surgery in Turkey you can rest assured that you will receive the best treatment possible.

What is Labiaplasty ?

The goal of Labiaplasty is to modify or correct the shape of your vulva, using surgery, the laxity of the vagina that may result from advancing age or related to childbirth, and to beautify the external appearance in the area in addition to increasing sexual pleasure internally.
If the patient desires, vaginal tightening without surgery is also possible.

What are the reasons for having Labiaplasty ?

The reasons for which most women undergo vaginal surgeries stem from changes in the structure and expansion of the vagina after childbirth, and because of a certain structure of the vagina or labia that causes problems when having sex or feeling uncomfortable when performing other activities.
Usually, after repeated deliveries, the vaginal muscles become relaxed, which may lead to a feeling of expansion in the vaginal area and a lack of satisfaction during intercourse on both sides.
In this case, women's resort to having the vulval surgery may have in order to preserve marital life and its enjoyment and to increase women's self-confidence.

How to prepare for the vulval surgery ?

Before performing labiaplasty surgery, The doctor will hold a consultation session in which they will provide all the necessary information for you.
During this session the doctor will look into your medical history to see if you have any diseases that can prevent you from having the surgery.
Be sure to inform your doctor of any and all medications that you are taking, some medications may need to be altered in dosage.
The surgery is done under local anesthesia so be sure to fast for 8 hours before undergoing it.

What happens during Labiaplasty ?

Labiaplasty surgery takes approximately 45 minutes and 1 hour, but the operation time may be slightly longer if combined with additional plastic surgery in the same session.
The most common surgical procedures today are the curved linear resection and the wedge method.
Deciding on the best technique will be up for you after your doctor helps you understand them both, taking into account the outcome of the examination and your expectations.
In general, a curved linear resection provides patients with all shades of the cosmetic appearance they want, and the dark and uneven edge is eliminated.
Labiaplasty preserve the contours of the lips and the color and texture of the labia edges, or the inner lip may be removed entirely if you wish.
Although fewer complications appear with this surgical technique, sometimes scars may appear on the outer edge and rarely the suture line and pain during sexual intercourse.

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What happens after the vulval surgery ?

After undergoing labiaplasty, you must have a recovery period to help your body heal.
Doing sports, lifting heavy objects, or sexual activity is prohibited for 6 weeks after the operation.
The operation area should be cleaned daily with soap and water and should be dried with light strokes without rubbing however bathing in the bathtub is not allowed because it can weaken the sutures and cause premature wound opening.
It's highly advised to use estradiol cream to the labia and wound areas to aid in the healing process, collagen cream can also be used after surgery to help with wound healing.
Make sure to keep up with your follow-up appointments; you will be examined after 2 and 6 weeks from surgery.
Significant itching and secretions may occur, the itching can be reduced by applying cream, and keep in mind that discharge will happen so you shouldn't mistake it as an infection.
In the fourth week, the edges of the wound usually close well; at this point bathing is allowed and increased activity can begin.
Within 6-8 weeks, the recovery is complete and restrictions are removed.

What are the alternatives of labiaplasty ?

Vulval surgery is very efficient procedure with a high success rate, however it's not the perfect procedure for everyone. Many women can not undergo labiaplasty due to some physical boundaries, however there are many alternative procedures that can help you reach your attended goal. Laser vaginal rejuvenation is a painless procedure that uses a small laser beam to stimulate blood flow and new tissue growth in the vaginal canal. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is a three-step treatment that uses blood plasma to improve vaginal sensitivity, appearance and dryness.

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What are the risks of labiaplasty ?

Just like any other medical or cosmetic procedure labiaplasty comes with some potential risks.
Although these risks are very rare, your doctor will still go over them with you in much more detail to help you understand all the details about the operation.
Some of the potential compactions of labiaplasty are :

  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Scarring of tissue.
  • Reduced sensitivity of the genitals.
  • Blood clot in a vein.
  • an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic.


If you want to get your vaginal natural beauty back, then vulval surgery in Turkey is the best answer for you.
With Aram Clinic you will be guaranteed a safe, relaxing and enjoyable experience.


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