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Gastric balloon

Gastric balloon in Turkey

Being over weight and becoming obese have become some of the most common diseases in our modern-day society, this is mainly due to our high calorie diets.
Many people have tried approaches like training, dieting or natural medicines to lose weight, yet these solutions do not work for everyone.
And most people prefer not to have a surgical procedure to lose weight, maybe it's because of medical or personal reasons, and that is fine, no one should do something they don't want.
This is why Aram clinic offers you the gastric balloon procedure in Turkey to help you combat the problem of obesity.
Gastric balloon in Turkey is your best solution to losing weight without worrying about the cost or having a complex medical surgery.
We at Aram clinic invite you to come and have gastric balloon in Turkey so that you can have the body of your dreams.

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What is te cost of gastric balloon in Turkey ?

Generally, the prices of weight losing surgeries and operations vary depending on your condition and your doctor's examination.
Gastric balloon is the operation with the lowest price and with a high success rate.
Gastric balloon in Turkey costs about 50% less than other European countries, America and the U.K., this is because gastric balloon in Turkey is covered under the all-inclusive deal that Aram Clinic offers.

Our deal includes :

  • A room in a luxury hotel.
  • Your transportation.
  • The doctor's payment.
  • The medication fees.

Aram Clinic is proud to be one of the top cosmetic clinics in Turkey; this is because of our medically advanced facility and our highly skilled medical staff, this allows us to perform all cosmetic surgeries including gastric balloon in Turkey.
So what are you waiting for? This is your chance to have your slim body and have a healthy life style that will make you confident and proud of yourself.


What is gastric balloon ?

The gastric balloon operation is a non-surgical operation that is performed for the purpose of losing weight for those who suffer from obesity.
The gastric balloon is performed with one or more balloons, where an empty stomach balloon is inserted into the stomach through the mouth, and then filled with a liquid or gas solution.
The balloon procedure for slimming is a temporary process; as the balloon is left in the stomach for a period of six to nine months at most, and then it is taken out as the person loses excess weight during that period.
While the ballon is inside your stomach it make small portions of food pass through it to your digestive system making you feel full when you consume small amounts of foods.

What are the types of gastric balloons ?


There are many types of gastric balloons to choose from; they vary in the materials used to create them or the porpose of their use.


It is a type of gastric balloon, the most common and widely used in most countries of the world.
It is a single gastric balloon that is installed into the stomach using an oral endoscope. It is filled using a catheter to about 500 ml with saline with the addition of a few drops of blue dye.
This balloon settles in the stomach for about six months, during which a person loses between 30 and 40 kilograms, at a rate of 30% of the person's main weight.


It is similar to the Orbera in the way the gastric balloon is installed, the material with which the balloon is filled, and the number of kilograms lost.
However the main difference between them is that two balloons are used instead of one, and this type of balloon is distinguished from the previous type in that it is safer and less likely to be punctured and removed before its due date.


This type is completely different from the previous two types of gastric balloon, where a balloon is attached to the stomach through small capsules that are monitored using X-rays.
More than one capsule can be used to help reduce the largest possible area of the stomach, and these capsules are filled with nitrogen gas.

Who are the best candidates for gastric balloon ?

If you are under the age of 18 and have localized accumulations of fat in the body then you are not suitable to have the gastric balloon operation.
In this case liposuction is the best option for you, the stomach balloon operation is also not suitable for those who suffer from chronic gastritis or ulcers stomach.
Although the balloon procedure for slimming is one of the simple and very effective operations in reducing and losing weight up to 35% of the actual body mass, it is not suitable for all people who suffer from obesity.
The gastric balloon procedure is the ideal option for those whose BMI ranges between 30 and 35.

How to prepare before the gastric balloon operation?

Before undergoing gastric balloon procedure, there are some preparations that you need to have before undergoing it.
One of the first steps to do before the operation is carrying out all the tests and x-rays required by your doctor before the operation to check on your health and to make sure that the operation can be performed without potential risks.
A gastroscopy will be done before the operation to ensure that there are no ulcers or congenital stomach defects.
You have to make sure that you let your doctor know of your medical history and tell them about any drugs or medications you take regularly.
You must fast for several hours before the operation because the operation will be done under partial anesthesia, as determined by the doctor.
Make sure you have someone prepared to drive you home after the operation.


What happens during the gastric balloon operation ?

The doctor will begin by injecting you with the anesthesia to help you relax, and to prevent constriction of the esophagus when the endoscope is inserted.
Right after that the procedure will being by is inserting the stomach balloon through an endoscope through the mouth, and the balloon is deflated in the case of the Oropera or reshape balloon technique, but when using Obalon, a small capsule or several capsules are inserted into the stomach.
In the case of Orbera or Resheep balloon, the balloon is filled through a catheter with sterile saline in addition to a few drops of blue dye, which is used as a warning when the balloon is punctured and the saline solution leaks in the stomach, you will notice a blue color in the urine.
In the case of the Obalon technique, the balloons are filled with hydrogen gas, because it is very light and not dangerous if punctured.
After this, the process is completely completed, but you must stay for some time in the clinic so that the doctor can be assured of the success of the operation your health condition, and in most cases it is not required to stay overnight.


What are the results of gastric balloon?

The results of the procedure will not appear immediately after the operation, but will show over the course of the months following the operation.
The operation gives you the opportunity to lose between 20 and 30 kilograms in a period of six months or a little more.
The presence of a balloon or several balloons helps to reduce the space available for food, this helps you to feel full quickly and thus reduces the amount of food you eat.
After the six months have elapsed, the balloon or balloons are emptied, and then the balloon is removed from the stomach using a gastroscopy.

What are the benefits of gastric balloon operation ?

The procedure is highly efficient and has the best results for losing weight and giving you the figure you always wanted.
One of the best features of gastric balloon is that it's a non-surgical operation that does not require a medical incision or stitches, so you won't have to worry about post operation scars.
You do not need general anesthesia to perform it, only partial anesthesia and sedation are used.
Its results are very effective if the you follow the doctor's instructions after the operation and follows the healthy diet that your dietitian will give you.
The costs of the operation are lower than the surgeries used for the same purpose.
The balloons are easy to insert and remove from the stomach, and they do not take much time.

What is the best diet to have after gastric balloon ?

After the procedure, you will need to follow a specific diet that you and your doctor will go over in much more details.
During the first 2 weeks, you will need to follow a liquid diet so that your stomach may get used to the new changes.
This diet includes :

  • Still water.
  • Sugar free jelly.
  • Clear soups.
  • Complan soup.
  • Protein Water.
  • Low-fat natural or plain yoghurt drinks.

After a few this you will spend a period of 8 to 11 days with an only puree foods diet that contains foods like :

  • Puree chicken.
  • Baked beans.
  • Puree lentil or vegetable or chicken soup.
  • Well cooked vegetables.

The third stage of your diet will be graduating to a soft food diet that will last for about 12 days, this diet will include :

  • Sweet corn.
  • Hard cheese.
  • Fresh vegetables.
  • Crumbly foods.
  • Biscuits.
  • Cereal flakes with milk.
  • Minestrone soup.
  • Tinned or soft flaky fish.

Finely your stomach will be ready to go back to regular foods, bear in mind that the amount of food that you will be consuming will be much lower than before the operation, and you will need to follow a more healthy diet to keep the results you want.
Some of the healthy foods that you should change to are :

  • Meat.
  • Fish.
  • Eggs.
  • Vegetables and salads.
  • Rice.

Be sure to always check with your doctor and dietitian when you decide on making any changes to your diet.


What are the risks of gastric balloon ?

Although the procedure has a very high success rate, it comes with some potential risks and complications, much like any other cosmetic or medical procedure.
These dangers are very rare, but you will need to keep them in mind before you decide on undergoing the operation.
Your doctor will go into much more details about the risks of gastric balloon when you meet them for your appointment.
These potential complications are :

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Heartburn and acid reflux.
  • Odour associated with belching.
  • Bloating.
  • Acute pancreatitis.
  • Overinflation.
  • Ulceration.
  • Balloon deflation.


Batteling obesity is not an easy task, it requires will and a lot of work, however with procedures like gastric balloon is Turkey, it could be much easier to defeat this disease and look healthy again. Aram Clinic will help you with your fight against obesity with our low prices and our high success rate, you will have the gastric balloon in Turkey and have the body of your dreams.



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