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Dental bridge

Dental bridge in Turkey : Restore your smile.

Our teeth serve both a practical and esthetic role; they are the part of the body that helps us shop down food so we could swallow it and also allow us to have a smile that helps us express our happiness.
Losing teeth can make a lot of people feel bad about themselves and can lead to losing confidence and also can lead to more dental complications like exposed tissue or infections. To battle this problem, we offer dental bridge in Turkey at Aram Clinic.
Having dental bridge in Turkey can be the solution you have been looking for to restore your smile and have your shining teeth back and better than ever.
We invite you at Aram Clinic to have the dental bridge operation in Turkey in the most professional and relaxing way.

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How much does having a dental bridge in Turkey cost ?

The price for the operation varies depending on the number of teeth that you want replaced and the type of material you choose.
Dental bridges in Turkey are made out of many materials and each one costs differently and serves a specific function.
Overall the operation can be a bit costly in most European countries, however having dental bridge in Turkey at Aram Clinic comes at a price that suits everyone's budget.
Our clinic offers the procedure under an all-inclusive deal that contains all your medical needs once you reach Turkey, we offer you a room in a labourious hotel, transportation from your hotel to the clinic, your doctor's payment and your post operation medication so you can enjoy a stress, free experience and not have to worry about anything.

What are the types of dental bridges in Turkey?

There are several types of dental bridges, each with a specific use or feature that makes them better for certain situations. Among these types are :


Traditional dental bridge.

This type consists of an artificial tooth between two crowns that are installed on the adjacent supporting teeth, the traditional dental bridge is the most widely used of all types of dental bridges.
However traditional bridges can only be used when there are teeth that can be used as a support to fix the bridge.

Protruding dental bridge.

It is exactly the same as the previous type, but the only difference is that the false tooth here is fixed to one crown only and not between two crowns, so only one tooth is used for fixation.

Maryland bridge

It is similar to the traditional bridge, where Maryland bridges also need to have two supportive teeth for installation, but unlike the traditional type, the Maryland bridge does not use dental crowns for fixation, But it is fixed with a frame, metal wire, or porcelain that is attached to the tooth,Adjacent to the interior.


An implant-supported bridge

Dental implants in themselves are one of the most successful solutions to replace missing teeth, as an artificial root is installed in the jaw and an artificial tooth is installed on it.
This process has many advantages, but it is also expensive, so a compromise can be used between dental implants and a dental bridge represented by an implant supported bridge.
One or more teeth are implanted, so that a space for a tooth remains between them, which is compensated by the installation of a bridge that uses the implanted tooth as a supportive tooth. Installation of this type is carried out in two stages :

  • The stage of tooth implantation in the jaw.
  • Bridge installation stage.

This type takes several months to complete its permanent installation, as the dental implant process needs some time to give the jaw a chance to adapt to the new body.

Dental Zircon Bridge:

Zircon is one of the types of ceramic that is specially treated to be more solid and to be used in the dental bridge, so that it does not cause any kind of sensitivity, which provided a new solution for those who could not use the metal bridge, and its color perfectly matches the color of the teeth Natural is one of the best options from the aesthetic side.

What are the materials used in the manufacture of a dental bridge in Turkey?

Dental bridges can be made out of many materials; the doctor will decide wich one is best suited for you based on your condition and your budget.


Dental bridges are usually made of metals such as gold, silver or palladium, or a mixture of these metals is used.
Metal bridges are strong and can last longer than other types, but they do not give an appropriate aesthetic shape and remain visible and give the gums a dark color.


Porcelain is one of the most used materials for making dental bridges, that is because it can resemble the natural look of normal teeth.
How ever it comes with some defects such as exposure to damage or corrosion make the metal appear which leads to health problems for the mouth and gums.


They appeared recently and are more similar to real teeth. The tooth is completely made of zirconium without the need for metal, and the tooth is coated with porcelain to give it a real color and more integrated with the gums compared to other types of dental bridges.


What are the benefits of dental bridge in Turkey ?

The procedures have many benefits and offers numerous solutions for dental problems like missing teeth and fixing up decaying or dying teeth.

Some of those benefits are :

  • Restore the good shape of the smile without voids.
  • Restore the ability to chew well and eliminate the uncomfortable feeling caused by the presence of space between your teeth.
  • Maintaining the shape of the jaw and face.
  • Correcting pronunciation problems.
  • Keep the other teeth in their correct positions and prevent them from moving.

How are dental bridges installed?

It usually takes only two visits to the dentist to successfully install a dental bridge, before the day of the treatment; you will be meeting with your doctor for a check-up appointment.
During this appointment the doctor will discuss with you the operations and your best options, then will run an examination of your teeth and jawbone to determine if it can hold the implants.
On the day of the operation, the doctor will start by preparing the natural teeth surrounding the dental bridge area for the bridge installation process, which includes filing the teeth and placing temporary crowns on them until the permanent crowns are manufactured that will hold the bridge in place.
After that, the surgeon will be fitting the bridge with the new dental crowns attached to it and fixing it in place with special materials at the next visit, then the doctor makes sure that the patient’s bite is appropriate and that the teeth are not high for them.
The possibility of requiring several subsequent visits to adjust the bite and to ensure that the teeth of the jaws fit together in an appropriate and comfortable manner.


Does it hurt to have a dental bridge in Turkey ?

The process of installing a dental bridge is not painful because the doctor uses anesthesia to prevent you from feeling pain.
The first days after installation from slight to moderate pain, then the pain gradually subsides, however, if the pain remains or gets more intence then you should contact your doctor as soon as possible to prevent any further complications.

Does a dental bridge cause an odor ?

A dental bridge in itself does not cause an odor, but over the years the gums may recede or the adhesive materials begin to erode, allowing food to sweep into the gaps under the crown, creating favorable conditions for the growth of bacteria and the appearance of odor.
This is why you should practice good oral hygiene, and you should also consult your doctor on the best toothpaste and best techniques to keep your teeth and mouth healthy and happy.

What are the risks of having a dental bridge ?


Although the procedure is highly efficient and presents a very innovative and durable solution for various dental problems, its installation is not without some drawbacks and potential problems.
Bare in mind that these risks are rare and your doctor will go over them in much more detail once you meet them.

The most important risks are :

  • Additional pressure on the adjacent supporting teeth.
  • Getting a dental bridge means that you have to file the adjacent teeth to install new crowns, which means that you will necessarily lose part of your healthy teeth forever.
  • Significant problems in the periodontal nerve.
  • The need to replace the current dental bridge and to install a new one.
  • Caries in adjacent teeth.
  • The possibility of the bridge being dislodged and sliding.
  • Risk of infection.


Having missing teeth does not only affect your physical appearance; it can also be very harmful to your health, it can be the cause of creating malocclusion and can harm your jaw function which can affect your diet.
Having a dental bridge in Turkey is the best and most efficient solution for that problem, you will have your natural smile back and be able to eat freely.
So come to Aram Clinic where you can have the dental bridge procedure in Turkey with the most skillful medical team and with the best price possible.


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