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Beard transplant

Beard Transplant in Turkey : Look as manly as you want.

As men, we have a few characteristics that can define and shape our beauty, we can have different hair styles, different clothing, but the most important part of men beauty and manliness is a beard.

Nothing says tough guy like a full set of facial hair; beards has always been the sign of male virility, after all it is the equivalent of make-up to men.

And beards are not just simply aesthetic, they are also practical, they can be used to cover face scars, provide some warmth and it overall made men feel more confident.

So it's very understandable that most men feel a lack of self-esteem when they are beardless, after all, it is an essential part of men beauty.

But not to worry, because your dream of obtaining a beard is no longer a dream, thanks to Aram Clinic and it's partners we offer you Beard Transplant in Turkey.

This is your way to feeling more confident about your look and to have the facial hair you always wanted.

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How much does Beard Transplant in Turkey costs ?

The cost all depends on the amount of your hair lost and the amount of hair you want to transplant onto your face.
In places like American, Switzerland or Brazil it could cost a bit much to have the operation especially if you want a fully facial hair treatment.
However Beard Transplant in Turkey at Aram Clinic comes as a very low price and with a package deal that is 50% less than any other place.
You will have your hotel room, medical transportation, medication and doctor fees all covered with Aram Clinic's all-inclusive deal.

Where can i get Beard Transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the top countries when it comes to medical tourism and cosmetic surgeries, each year thousands of aesthetic procedures are done and from all categories.

So being at that spot in medical tourism it's safe to assume that Turkey has a lot of medical clinics that perform Beard Transplant.

Aram Clinic is one of the top medical and cosmetic surgery Clinics in the country that performs Beard Transplant in Turkey amongst many other operations.


The reason behind Aram Clinic being in the first spot is the high level of professionalism and skilfulness that our medical team has, we pride ourselves in delivering the most relaxing experience with the most efficient results.

Having Beard Transplant in Turkey is the best choice for you both practically and financially to have the facial hair you always wanted.

What is Beard Transplant?

Growing a beard is not easy for most guys and in some cases it can not be done naturally, you may have inherited genes that make it impossible for you to grow a beard.

But with beard transplant it is not impossible anymore.

The procedure is simple in its nature; you would take the hair out of a part of your body, most typically the head, and then transplant it onto the jawline and wherever else you so desire.

The procedure is simple in it's description but it's actually a little involved.

What are the types of beard transplant ?


In this operation there are two main techniques to perform.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE).

A highly popular and delicate technique that involves harvesting hair follicles individually one by one from the donor area which usually is the back of the head since that area is less prone to baldness.

After that tiny incisions will be made along the area that you want to have the transplants in and then delicately place the hair in those holes.

FUE leaves small circular shaped scares in the donor area much different to the line scar that FUT leaves.

FUE has another advantage at having a much shorter recovery period.

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

Usually takes from 6 to 10 hours and is completed in one session, however more sessions may be in order, it depends on how much hair loss there is and the density required.

Local anesthetic is used in FUT technique so you should not feel any kind of pain.

FUT is also known as the strip procedure, it is called that because in the process the doctor will take a small strip from your scalp, after the donor area is closed, the strip is put under the microscope and then divided into several small grafts, and finely the grafts are inserted in the small incisions at the recipient site.

Who is a good candidate for beard transplant?

Almost any man can have the surgery as long as they are past the age of 24 and are healthy enough.
Since the hair follicles are taken from the back of the head, you will need to have a good and healthy enough hair that could withstand the procedure.
The back of the head has the most resistant hair to falling off so it's usually the best place to harvest from.
You should not worry since you will have a normal grow to your hair at the back of your head after the procedure.
Your doctor will also have to examine your scalp to determine if there are enough hair follicular for the transplant.

How to prepare for beard transplant?

Having some preparations for your beard transplant is a good idea to help make the operation go smoother and lower the risk of any complications.

One of the things that you can do is let your hair grow longer, allowing your facial hair to grow gives the surgeon a clear idea about the pattern of growth your beard is

You will also be recommended to take certain vitamins by your doctor, specifically vitamins A, D and B.

These vitamins will help improve the condition of your skin and potentially improve your results.


You will also need to make some life style changes such as :

  • Stop smoking and drinking.
  • Eat healthier.
  • Quit caffein.
  • Start exercising more.

You will also need to have someone prepared to take you home after the surgery, you will not be able to drive due to the anesthetic.

What will happen on the day of the Beard Transplant procedure?

The procedure will take from 6 to 10 hours and could need a second opinion if you need more texture to the beard.
Usually general anesthesia is not used during the operation, it only adds to the cost of the operation, instead local anesthetic will be used to numb the areas that will be operated on such as the back of the head and the jaw line.
The doctor may also give you a mild sedative to help you relax and remove any anxiety you have about the operation, you won't be feeling any pain during the procedure thanks to the local anesthesia.
After that the surgery itself will being by harvesting the donor hair.
It depends on the technique that you and your doctor have agreed on either (FUE) where the hair follicular will be collected individually or (FUT), where the doctor will be removing a strip of hair.
The hair will be collected from either the back of the head or the side of the scalp.
In the case of you not having enough hair on your head, the surgeon will harvest from another part of your body like your back or arms.
After the harvesting is done, the doctor will then make small insition along your beard area, then will be placing the hair follicles in the incisions and wrap up the surgery.


How will the recovery from beard transplant go?

After the procedure is done, you will need someone to drive you home; you will need to rest for a little while.
You may have tiny cuts forming around your new hair transplants, however they should flake off within a few days.
You will be given some pain-killers because you may experience some stinging on your face from the cuts, it won't be too much pain.
You might be able to go back to work in a few days after the surgery but you will need to take special care with your facial area during this time.
For the first five days after the surgery you should stay away from washing your face because water and soap can cause some irritation to the newly operated area.
After 10 days you should be able to shave and trim your beard normally.
Be aware that within 2 or 3 weeks your new hair transplants may start to fall, keep in mind that it is very normal so that it would allow new hair to grow.

What are the precautions after having Beard Transplant?

During your healing process you will have to take some precautions so that you don't harm yourself or damage your new beard.

The doctor will be giving you home care instructions, like not washing your face for the first few days and the use antibiotic ointment on your face and donor area.

There is also a list of activities that you will need to stay away from to have a smooth healing period, these activities include :

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol drinking.
  • Use of hot tubs and saunas.
  • Swimming.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight
  • Scratching or rubbing your new beard.
  • Intense physical activities especially those that make you sweat.

What are the potential risks of Beard transplant ?

Having a beard transplant and achieving your beauty goals is a wonderful feeling, however you should be wary about some of the risks that the operation comes with.
It's true that beard transplant is fairly safe and efficient, but it comes with some potential risks just like any other medical or cosmetic procedure.

Keep in mind that these risks are minor and rare, some of these risks are :

  • Swelling.
  • Bruising.
  • Infection.
  • Temporary scabs or crustiness.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Redness.
  • Numbness.
  • Tightness.


If you are a man that dreams of having a smooth beard that will help you show your manliness and help you feel confident again, then Beard Transplant in Turkey is the perfect answer for you.
No matter the type of technique that you will be using you can rest assured that with Aram Clinic you will have the results that you always wanted.
You will finely be able to look in the mirror and see the face you always dreamed of seeing.
Beard Transplant in Turkey is your best solution both practically and financially.

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