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Eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow transplant in Turkey :
Have your expression back.

Our faces are the doors to our soul and to who we might be, as humans that's the first thing we see when we meet someone new.
The haircut, if they have facial hair and believe it or not even eyebrows and how they look.
However, our look is not usually how we want them to be, we might have something that we change about the way we look and that's perfectly fine, after all it is your own personal body, you may do with it as you please.
Now, when talking about changing a part of the face, the last thing anyone would be thinking about is eyebrows, but yes eyebrow transplant is a procedure with a high demand.
Your eyebrows may look thin, or uneven, or you may have a unibrow and all of those can cause someone to feel bad about the way they look and that in it self can cause a major lack of self-asteam.
Which is why Eyebrow transplant in Turkey is here to help you reach the look you always wanted.
With Aram Clinic, Eyebrow transplant in Turkey is is no longer a dream, it is a reality that you and anyone else who wants it can get it.

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How much does Eyebrow transplant in Turkey costs ?

When considering any cosmetic or medical procedure the first thing you want to know is the cost of that operation.
Although the procedure is simple and in high demand it could be costly for some people, and especially in some countries like the United Kingdom or America where the cost of a cosmetic procedure is out of the budget of many people.
However with Aram Clinic, Eyebrow transplant in Turkey comes at a price so low that basically anyone that wants the procedure can have it.
That's not even the big twist; Eyebrow transplant in Turkey comes with a complete package.
Aram Clinic provides a package that includes your medical fees, your medical transportation fees, and your hotel stay during and after the procedure.
So if your deciding on having Eyebrow transplant in Turkey but your biggest problem is the cost then look no further, Aram Clinic is here to make your dream come true at a low price.

Where can i have Eyebrow transplant in Turkey?

After you make the decision on having the Eyebrow transplant, you must now wounder, where would be the perfect place to have the procedure ?
If you are looking for the highest level of professionalism and efficiency and at the best price then Aram Clinic is the perfect place for you.
Besides having an unmatched price package deal, Aram clinic prides it self in having the most prestigious partners in the medical society.
Eyebrow transplant in Turkey will be performed by our highly trained medical staff, a staff that is well known for delivering, the best and most satisfying results in all cosmetic surgeries.
Aside from our medical team, Eyebrow transplant in Turkey will be done using the cutting-edge technology at Aram Clinic that allows us to perform any and all cosmetic surgeries that our clients want.
Highly advanced medical facilities like Aram Clinic are the reason why Turkey is considered one of the best places on earth for medical tourism.


What is an Eyebrow Transplant?

Eyebrows play an important role aesthetically in framing your face and giving you your own special look, they also play a practical part in keeping dust and moisture off your eyes.
In many cases, people have a lack of eyebrow hair due to either natural causes like genetics or having alopecia, or due to other causes like over-plucking, scars or facial injuries.
To solve this problem, modern science has came up with Eyebrow Transplant procedure.
Eyebrow Transplant is a cosmetic procedure that helps you transfer hair plugs from a donor site which is most likely the area above the ear, and insert that hair on the brow area.
The end goal of the procedure is to have new hairs grow from these plugs which will give you a fuller look.

What happens before Eyebrow Transplant operation ?


Some preparation are needed before the operation takes place, you will need to visit your doctor for a heck up appointment.

This appointment will determine some key points in the surgery that you and your doctor need to agree upon, the discussion between you and your surgeon will be about :

  • Your medical history.
  • Your family's medical history.
  • Your expectation of the surgery.
  • Advising on potential risks and side effects.
  • An examination of your hair and your eyebrows.
  • Locate a potential donor area.
  • Explain the type of anesthesia that will be used.

Make sure that you ask your doctor all types of questions that you have about the operation and relate to them any concern that you have, that will help you understand the procedure better and also put your mind at ease.

How would the eyebrow transplant procedure go?

The procedure is similar to the hair transplant procedure and uses almost the same exact techniques.
The procedure works by harvesting hair from the donor area which is usually the side area of your scalp using the FUE technique.
FUE technique means that the hair follicles would be collected individually typically between 1 and 4 hairs and it is done under local anaesthesia.
Using specialist micro surgical needles, the surgeon then makes incisions along the brow line to prepare a place for the hairs.
Ones the brow area is ready to receive the hairs, the surgeon will start to insert them into their place using a 23 gauge hypodermic needle under a high magnification microscope.
The procedure is permanent ones it's done and it will give you the natural look that you always wanted.
The whole process only takes about 2 to 3 hours.

How long is the recovery period from Eyebrow Transplant?

After the procedure you should be able to go back home at the same day, make sure to have someone to drive you home since you will need to rest your eyes after the procedure.
The recovery period for Eyebrow Transplants is relatively short and quick, usually the healing lasts for about 14 days or less.
On the first days you will need to try and not pluck or scratch your eyes brows to lower the risks of making them scrabble all over your face.
Vigorous exercise should be avoided for up to 3 weeks after your surgery.
If you experience any bleeding, swelling or high discomfort then you will need to contact your doctor.
In a few weeks you might notice that the transplants are starting to fall off, this is completely normal because then your new eyes brows will start to grow.
You will start to see hair growth of new hair follicles within 4 to 6 months.

What are the risks of an eyebrow transplant?

No cosmetic surgery comes without potential risks and eyebrow transplant is no different, how ever you must rest easy as these risks are very rare, however you will need to put them into consideration before deciding on the surgery.

When you meet with your doctor for an appointment before the surgery, they will make sure to give you a list of the potential risks and side effects of the surgery, some of which are :

  • Pain.
  • Scarring.
  • Swelling.
  • Numbness in the brow area.
  • Infection.
  • Excessive bleeding.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Bruising.
  • Inflamed and infected hair follicles.


Having soft texture eyebrows or having them fall is a natural thing, it could also happen because of an accident.
In all cases, it is understandable how it would make some people feel self-conscious about their look and have them lose self-esteem.
But with Aram Clinic you have a way to make the look you always wanted become a reality.
So get you expression back with Eyebrow transplant in Turkey, do it in the most professional way possible and have the results you always wanted.

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