Keratopigmentation in Turkey: A Comprehensive Guide

Le 7 May 2021

We’re all familiar with colored contact lenses as a short-term solution for changing eye color. However, there are many other solutions available for achieving more or less permanent changes. Among these techniques for altering or concealing the natural color of the iris in the long term is keratopigmentation, performed in Turkey by skilled ophthalmic surgeons. Let’s delve into this eye surgery that is revolutionizing ophthalmology.

What is Keratopigmentation?

Keratopigmentation in Turkey is an eye surgery technique that involves applying pigment to the cornea using a circular microtunnel created with a femtosecond laser. It requires no alteration of the eye’s internal structure or any intraocular foreign body.

Consequently, it is much less risky than the placement of colored implants and other procedures for changing eye color.

Who is a Candidate for Keratopigmentation?

Keratopigmentation is a treatment indicated for people who wish to address iris lesions such as glaucoma or aniridia, which are traumatic or congenital absences of the iris.

It is also indicated for correcting visual discomfort and blurry vision while providing aesthetic improvement. This operation can also be used to pigment the blind eye.

How is the Keratopigmentation Procedure Performed in Turkey?

The procedure is relatively simple, very similar to myopia surgery. Using a femtosecond laser, a pocket is cut into the cornea like a tunnel, and then colored pigment is injected to change the color of the iris. In simple terms, it’s somewhat like a corneal tattoo.

The operation lasts just under an hour and is performed under local anesthesia by applying a few drops of anesthetic eye drops to the eye, without stinging. The injected pigment restores the eye’s initial color.

What Sets Keratopigmentation Apart from Other Techniques?

Compared to other techniques, keratopigmentation performed in Turkey is the safest, quickest, and painless technique for permanently changing eye color. Indeed, it simply involves coloring the cornea, i.e., the outer part of the eye.

The pigment injected into the cornea covers the iris without touching it.

This technique was developed by Dr. Ferrari, specialized in cataracts and refractive surgery. He developed this method so that laser methods and implants are no longer used due to the enormous risks involved.

What are the Main Risks and Contraindications?

Since the pigments are designed to treat a pathological eye, there is no problem using them on an intact and more resilient eye. The major drawback of this operation is its irreversibility. Therefore, you must be sure before deciding to change the color of your iris, even though slight alterations are possible.

Apart from the risk of infection mentioned above, a benign inflammatory reaction may occur. This creates a slight glare effect, which disappears quickly. Contrary to what one might imagine, keratopigmentation is not an obstacle to exploring the fundus or cataract surgery.

How Much Does Keratopigmentation Cost in Turkey?

The price of keratopigmentation in Turkey is cheaper than in France or Belgium. The fee typically includes medical stay, ophthalmologist fees, and clinic expenses.


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