Dietary Guidelines Before and After Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy is a safe and clinically proven bariatric surgery to reduce body weight. The procedure involves reducing the size of the stomach by separating the upper part of the stomach, called the fundus, from the rest of the organ. A smaller stomach means a weaker appetite. You become satiated more quickly and are therefore […]

The Sagging Belly After a Hysterectomy: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions

Hysterectomy, a common surgical procedure involving the removal of the uterus, can be performed for various reasons, such as treating gynecological issues like fibroids, excessive bleeding, uterine prolapse, or cancer. While hysterectomy may provide relief to many women, it can also lead to unwanted side effects, including a “sagging belly.” In this article, we’ll explore […]

Types and Shapes of Noses: Exploring the Diversity

As a central feature of the face, the nose is one of the first things one notices about a person. Hence, being satisfied with the shape of your nose is essential. There are various types of noses, the most common being: The Greek Nose Sometimes simply referred to as a “straight nose,” this highly sought-after […]


After your rhinoplasty, swelling of the nose and face is normal and may initially give the impression that your nose is larger. During the first two weeks post-surgery, the swelling will be quite noticeable. But after the second week, the swelling usually subsides and becomes much less obvious. However, the nose may still appear slightly […]


A nasal fracture (broken nose) is a traumatic event characterized by the fracture of one or both nasal bones (it should be noted that the bony structure of the nose is formed by two rather thin bones of roughly rectangular shape; these meet at the midline); in the image below, you can easily see where […]

Weight Loss After Breast Reduction: What You Need to Know

Can weight loss reduce the size of my breasts? Many women notice a change in the volume of their breasts when they lose weight. Breast tissue is primarily composed of fat, which can be lost through diet and physical activity. However, not all women can expect a significant reduction in breast size through exercise alone, […]

A Dental Veneer Fallen or Broken: What Should You Do?

Many ponder whether dental veneers can fall off or detach. The answer is affirmative; they can indeed fall off or detach, though it’s not a common occurrence. Once a patient undergoes examination and addresses issues like cavities, root canals, and cleanings, the dentist engages in an extensive discussion regarding dental veneers. If both parties agree […]

How to Remove a Bony Bump on the Forehead?

A forehead with pronounced, irregular, and lumpy bones can affect facial aesthetics. The discomfort is not only aesthetic but also psychological. With frontal bone reshaping surgery, you can finally give your forehead the shape you’ve always wanted, significantly improving the aesthetics of your face. Frontal osteoplasty is the cosmetic surgery that achieves aesthetic improvement of […]

Loose Dental Crown: What to Do Immediately?

A dental crown is a dental prosthesis crafted from an artificial tooth piece and implanted in place of a broken natural tooth. Its purpose is to repair and protect a damaged tooth. If you have a loose crown, it’s crucial to address it promptly to prevent further harm. Before delving into what to do when […]


A third breast or nipple (also known as supernumerary nipple, in the case of multiple nipples) is a condition where you have one or more additional nipples on your body. They add to the two usual nipples of the breasts. The third breast or nipple, or the presence of multiple nipples, is also known as […]


After undergoing liposuction, wearing a compression garment is a crucial element of the healing process as it significantly impacts the outcomes of any body contouring cosmetic surgery. Today, we’ll address some of the most common questions regarding compression garments so that you don’t overlook their importance. How long should you wear the garment after liposuction? […]

Eye Asymmetry: Understanding, Causes, and Treatments

Asymmetrical eyes, where one eye differs in size, shape, or level compared to the other, are quite common. In rare cases, having asymmetrical eyes may indicate an underlying medical issue. However, most of the time, there’s no cause for concern. While an individual might be conscious of their facial or ocular asymmetry, it’s unlikely that […]

Keratopigmentation in Turkey: A Comprehensive Guide

We’re all familiar with colored contact lenses as a short-term solution for changing eye color. However, there are many other solutions available for achieving more or less permanent changes. Among these techniques for altering or concealing the natural color of the iris in the long term is keratopigmentation, performed in Turkey by skilled ophthalmic surgeons. […]

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